Empyrean Airlines Membership ENROLLMENT WILL NOT BE OPEN TILL November 2017
But Pre-Registration is Open below. Please proceed to filling in the form for faster processing
when our Enrollment is open to the Public.
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:  Empyrean Airlines Membership requires individuals to first enroll, after which one of our trained staff will contact and process membership registration and payment over the phone, this process will initiate the individual to be eligible to schedule a flight and or purchase a seat.
Members must be at least 18 years of age* a Resident of the United States with a Verified State I.D. Card or Current Passport, have a valid email address and a verifiable home address, all information must be complete, accurate and correct.
Membership will also be evaluated by TSA and Empyrean Airlines Security Officials.  Empyrean in its sole and independent discretion, hold the right to accept or decline any person as a Member of Empyrean Airlines.

*Minors will be allowed to become Members on a case by case

basis in the absolute discretion of Empyrean Airlines Officials.