"Empyrean Airlines is all about Extraordinary Safety and Services"

As the Founder of Empyrean Airlines, I created the idea of putting a Private Airline together, that require the necessary need for membership because of the extraordinary safety, services, and products we provide in each flight. As a member, you get the treatment like no other and that is a promise.

Photo was taken at Circle Air Group San Diego Ca.

Empyrean Airlines is all about Extraordinary Safety and Services. You will experience the luxurious comfort, a stress-free transition from your vehicle to our jet aircraft and be in the air in no time... No more long lines, crowded airports, TSA and most of all, no more Delays and flight cancellations, you will notice your time spent traveling is minimal, and no matter what membership tier you've registered, we have kept your budget in mind, and we are here for you available on-demand.

Empyrean Airlines is ready to set up your trip, consult with you on your needs and the type of trip you are planning, be it, a group trip, leisure trip or business, as a member we'll take care of everything for you no matter where your destination requirement is.

Empyrean Airlines is an aviation company that will set up everything you need when you fly with us. Our current routes include daily and weekly charters to California, Washington, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. We can provide "Private Air Charter Service" to any major city destination in the World.

1. We fly with only Embraer Aircraft.

  1. Phenom 300
  2. Legacy 400
  3. Legacy 500

2. A Mobile Reservations App and Site.
3. User-Friendly Charter Quote system.
4. Competitive pricing - to meet every possible market.
6. Designed as a smart choice in personal and business air travel.

Completely private - allowing you to have confidential business discussions or personal family time with only the people you chose to share with during your flight. Empyrean is a Part-135 operator that is proud of its well-trained Pilots and crew members that operate our aircraft, and are certified under "Federal Aviation Part 135" to assure you the safest and best travel service experience.

Safety, Luxurious, Private, Security and Efficiency makes Empyrean the Choice in flying Private as a Member. I am fully committed to providing extraordinary Private Jet Services to our Individual, Business and Corporate members, and will extend to any lengths to make your membership the most enjoyable.

Empyrean Airlines is built on a foundation of honesty and integrity, elements we believe are critical to the success of our Aviation Business. "Empyrean Airlines" is all about our Extraordinary Safety and Service", and we look forward to displaying our passion and commitment to you. 

I encourage prospective investors, to contact me or any of my business partners to discuss investing opportunities with Empyrean Airlines. I created Empyrean Airlines "America's Private Airlines, to bring back the glamor, respectability, and prestige through membership, create innovative travel fares that everyone can enjoy and afford Flying Private in the United States.


In the Future, as I plan for International Routes by the year 2020, I intend to add only the Boeing 747- 800 and to keep the Airliner's bold and reputable reign as, the Queen of the Sky while flying Empyrean Airlines to International destinations, but that is still in the planning.

Blog: Please feel free to read our Empyrean News & BLOG Posts, you'll find interesting facts on why I chose the Airline as my business of choice.





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