Empyrean Airlines - Micronesia's Regional & International Passenger Airline Service of the Pacific.

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Air Travel Services

Micronesia along with all of her Island nations are so dependant on 1 Airlines for air travel to get around, and today it signifies a time, where Governments should participate in the development of Empyrean, an Airline founded by a native from the Mariana Islands. Owning our own Airlines will break us free from the control of Corporate America, and reclaim our Pacific Skies, and providing our islands with a more reliable means of air transportation, for both citizens and visitants alike.

Economy & Tourism

Micronesia is dependent on the economy it can survive on, from fisheries, farming to Military relations, but more importantly, our tourism industry. Without the influx of tourist to our Islands in Micronesia, we are situated in a position we wish not to be in. The Founder of Empyrean has his heart and eyes set on developing relationships with neighboring countries, to create that constant flow of visitors through the Empyrean Campaigns he has planned.

Connecting Micronesia

Connecting Micronesia to the World is our intention at hand, affording air transportation to and from our Islands, and partnering with other airlines that represent a viable role in expanding our wings outwards. Allowing our community a means of reaching destinations, and likewise, turning our islands into a premium destination to the rest of the World. Partnering with local hotels and resorts, and local business attractions, and elevating our rich culture and heritage to the World through our Visitors.

Supporting Island Communities

An Airline is simply an Airline, providing air transportation from Island to Island, but what separates Empyrean from the rest, is the support it will provide to our Island Communities. We have to remember as Islanders we take pride in our Cultural activities and events, and as such, we have to remember we have the Micronesian Games in 2022, the 2023 Pacific Games, and the Olympic Games in 2024, all of which Empyrean can play an important role in getting our Pacific Islander Athletes to these events in the future.

Messages from Pacific Islands & Nations Leaders

Hafa Adai yan Tirow! As Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, I have continued to prioritize the stability of our growing economy and to advocate for a higher standard of living for our families. Our success as an island community is predicated on reliable transportation services because of our remote geographical location, and this has remained a paramount priority. Our community needs reliable air transportation, not just for the many visitors who visit our beautiful shores, but also for our residents in Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. The availability of airline services impact the lives of our residents from medical referrals to business trips, or simply to visit loved ones on the U.S. mainland.  It is one of the highlights of our community’s concerns and needs. With the recent departures of major airline partners, it has become even more important to pursue new and innovative ways to address our local concerns. This is why I have engaged in discussions with Empyrean Airlines, an innovative, culturally-driven airline that seeks to service the Marianas and Micronesia with the rest of the world. Empyrean Airlines would be our region’s local air transportation, addressing a fundamental need for community, getting to where we need to go. I look forward to pursuing this goal with Empyrean Airlines, not just for the viability of our economy, but also for the people who calls these islands home.
– Governor Ralph DLG. Torres
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